PPC for Businesses

Creating a basic AdWords pay-per-click campaign is quite simple. Most new AdWords customers enter 10 to 15 keywords, create one or two advertisements, and then enter a Maximum Cost-Per-Click of about $1.00. Total invested time – 1 hour. This will generally bring significant traffic to your website, but it will be very expensive traffic, probably too expensive and you won’t know which keywords are converting or why. Creating and managing campaigns & ad groups with unique ad copy and thousands of appropriate keywords, each with a specific bid, is a great deal of work. The highly targeted $.05 and $.10 clicks that will result from such an effort enable us to bid more competitively on the high volume and obvious keywords your competition have bid up to the stratosphere.

There are a number of techniques and strategies, developed by SEO Gurus over time, that enable us to create extremely cost effective campaigns with high conversion rates. In addition, we’ve developed the technology and expertise necessary work with thousands of keywords and hundreds of tailored ads for Google AdWords & Microsoft adCenter.