Google Places

Google Places

First known as Google Maps, then as Google Places and now evolved into Google+ Local as of May 30, 2012. Google+ Local, which now integrates directly with the Google+ (Facebook’s rivalry Social Media platform) to allow users to upload photos and reviews of locations directly to the corresponding listing. Additionally, Google+ Local and Maps also now feature detailed reviews and ratings from Zagat, a company acquired by Google in September 2011. We are not sure how much longer this will stay but it’s there for now.

How does Google+ Local work?

Each and every small business with a physical location technically already has a Google + Local account. The only requirement is that it needs to be verified. This is done by “claiming” your business and a post-card will then be sent to the business address or phone number with a verification code in which you will have to enter the PIN. Once that PIN is entered and approved, the listing is now yours.

Why add your listing with Google+ Local?

Once you’ve verified your listing, you can then sign into your listing and enhance it for your business. You will be able to add photos, videos, coupons, and even real-time updates like weekly specials. You can also edit the description of your business, photos, videos, reviews, hours of operation and more!

Before you get started, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Google+ Local is only available in certain countries.

To find out if your country is one of them, click Add new listing when signed in to your Google Places account. Check the country drop down at the top of the sign-up page. You can also check country availability on the Mapping tool availability page.

It’s free.

Adding your local business listing to Google Places is free, and Google doesn’t accept payment to include particular listings or sites in our search results. However, we do offer locally-targeted advertising through our AdWords program.

Every business listing must have a mailing address.

This is the physical address where mail can be sent to your business. If you work from home or you are a mobile-only business you can specify service areas and choose to hide your physical address later on!

There shouldn’t be more than one listing per physical location.

Even if you’re a doctor who is a cardiologist and a chiropractor or a service that covers multiple towns, you shouldn’t have two listings. Instead, use the description of your business or categories to explain the different services your business offers.

When creating your Places page, make sure that your internet browser is Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to ensure that it publishes properly. Its also a good idea to read Google Places quality guidelines to make sure that your listing will be approved to appear on Google.

To start creating your free local business listing, go to the Google Places and sign in with your Google account. If you don’t already have a Google Account, click Sign up now to create a new Google account. You can also use an AdWords login and password, if you have one.

Why choose S.E.O. Gurus to optimize your Google + Local listing?

That’s a good question and essentially what it comes down to is the following:

We know exactly how to optimize your Google + Local listing, this will save you time and resources which can be focused on your business

Aside from optimizing your listing, many factors outside of your listing is considered for ranking your listing in Google for specific keywords. This includes building citations, creating videos on youtube, and performing SEO techniques that target your listing for Google. With our years of experience, we have identifies all the directories and partners your website needs to be on to maximize results and acquire higher rankings on Google.

Our low-cost set-up fee and monthly optimization is affordable for all local businesses!

Having optimized and ranked thousands of listing for local businesses, we are the experts! We know that our success is dependent on yours so we will do what it takes to make your Google + Local listing get found on Google and drive more people to your business!