Marketing Tips

Marketing Tips for O.C. Business Owners

Small business owners often feel frustrated with their marketing budget and marketing plan. They compare themselves to larger organizations. However, when it comes to marketing, small business owners have one huge advantage over the big guys. Small business owners can try new things immediately, measure results immediately, make improvements quickly and experience rapid sales growth!

If sales are down, it is a good time to try some new marketing tricks. If sales are up, it is vital to have a plan in place that will maintain your momentum. Here are a few ideas that will put your business in the right direction.

Mail greeting cards to your contacts. Everyone gets inundated with cards in December, marketing with a greeting card in July or October or February is sure to be noticed. In July, let your customers know you have treats perfect for the dog days of summer. October is a great time to let your clients know you have some frighteningly good deals going on. February is a perfect time to let people know you love their business and referrals. Quality greeting cards (the kind that have real stamps and colorful envelopes) are always welcome!

Be a guest speaker. Many organizations are looking for interesting and informative speakers to address their groups. Where do you find them? Check out the events section of your local newspaper. Organizations that have a special speaker this week will most likely need one for the future. Determine what information you have to share that would be relevant for the group, then contact the person in charge. Chances are that person will be delighted to talk with you. After you give a presentation, be sure to get contact information for the people in the audience.

The follow up with them regularly. The follow up can be via email, greeting cards or by phone.

Find a marketing partner. Joining forces with another small business owner is the best way to meet new people. Consider working with someone who is outside of your industry. Introduce that person to your clients, and have your partner introduce you to his. For example, if you sell furniture, you could team up with a carpet cleaner or housekeeper. If you own a hair salon, you could work with the owner of a clothing store. Not sure who to work with? Ask your clients what other types of businesses they use frequently. The key to any new marketing strategy is consistency and repetition.