Online Marketing Consulting

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Sometimes businesses have in-house marketing staff and they just aren’t pulling their weight. A lot of the times it’s not their fault. They might not have the knowledge nor understand how algorithms work or the exact linking process that is best received by Google. You can’t always have do follow links. That would be stupid. And you can’t link 900K links in a day to a site.

This is where our Proprietary Marketing System comes into play and we can consult with you on what you should be doing. We data mine the correct information for you about your competitors, show you and then teach you how to implement a ranking system for your business. This is a proprietary service and all information exchanged is strictly confidential and not to be shared with any other company or individual. We have strict NDA’s that make it possible for us to share this information with the correct clients.

Increase your campaign ROI, Improve Customer Insights, Outperform your Competition.

We produce advanced customer targeting profiles for your audience.