Reputation Marketing and Management

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SEO Gurus has a specific and specialized Reputation Division for businesses that have a presence online. We often get calls about negative review suppression and monitoring reviews online so that bitter ex-employees or competitors don’t leave false or discredited reviews.

Something that all businesses should know going into 2015 and 2016 is that there is a term being coined, “Reputation Currency”. This is what Google, Bing and Yahoo will determine their rankings on. They have coded the new algorithms to take into consideration how many 5 star reviews you have and then calculate that by the amount of traffic that comes to your site. You don’t even qualify for the new algorithm if you don’t possess 10 reviews in the first place. So reputation is going to be huge in the coming years. This is exactly why Google bought Zagat in 2011 for 125 million dollars. They wanted to be able to rank businesses based off their reputation.

Type into Google “bars” or ‘restaurants’ and watch what comes up. Notice how you can’t even see businesses phone number any longer, only their reviews until you click on that particular business.

Things are changing are businesses need to be aware that they are Only 1 Bad Review Away From a Bad Reputation. In which that could affect 65% of their business dealings.

We have developed a 5 Star Reputation Management and Marketing Program that we incorporate into your business. We build a 5 Star Culture into your work environment with review cards that have QR codes for your clients to leave reviews on their smartphone, we also make to where if a bad review is left, we can either delete it or have you address it see if it was simply a misunderstanding.

We know how bad negative reviews can affect your business and your livelihood.

Defend Your Reputation Online!

In 2016 it will be all about your "Reputation Currency" that you hold online. Reviews are everything.