SEO Gurus of Mission Viejo, focuses on bringing customers into your business. Period. If you don’t have new customers, clients, patients, or buyers, you won’t be in business very long.We have different strategies for each client and no two are ever the same. Clients in SEO Gurus program usually see an increase in business in the range of 20% low end to 70% high end.

Search engine optimization is just one piece to the puzzle to gain popularity online. Relevant meaty content is another. Videos are yet another. We incorporate all of these techniques and a number of other secretive processes to make sure our clients stay at the top of the page.The internet changes daily and often the same techniques we used months ago are no longer relevant today. This goes for all SEO companies across the board.We have designed a proprietary system that incorporates a 5 Star mindset across your whole business platform. From employees to collateral, it’s all a step by step PROVEN system that gets 10-12 new customers calling your phone, not just clicking on your site.


Web Design

Web Design

SEO Gurus has one of the most talented and professional web design teams. Learn More
Grahics Design

Grahics Design

Graphic Design is the staple behind any marketing agency. Learn More


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is only a job for the most professional of agencies. Learn More
Social Marketing

Social Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a must in todays world for business. Learn More
Reputation Marketing

Reputation Marketing

SEO Gurus has a specific and specialized Reputation Division for businesses. Learn More


Sometimes businesses have in-house marketing staff and they just aren’t. Learn More
Video Marketing

Video Marketing

We are known as the Video Marketing Ninjas. Learn More


Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a type of online advertising. Learn More

Why choose us

Search Engine & Social Media Optimization Experts

  • Our support team offers fast support and releases updates as required.
  • Our themes have a fully responsive design.
  • New tools for web design and management.
  • New tools for web design and management.
  • Monitor your keyword rankings
  • Experimental and iterative design.
  • Backlink analysis and link building
  • Competitive analysis

Pleased customers

Search Engine & Social Media Opvtimization Experts

Paul was very helpful in a consultation about seo. Very professional and answered all my questions.
Will H.
Excellent provider, took very competetive keywords to 1st page in google within the time promised.
Kirill Bensonoff
Founder, CEO www.computersupport.com
The past 6 months have shown a great improvement over our keyword rankings. Great work! Look forward to continuing this project moving forward.
Ryan: RG Media
CEO www.college-pages.com
Great job running and, most importantly, providing us with detailed analysis of our PPC campaign. We plan to use SEO Gurus again.
Vernon M.
Ferdinand worked with me to develop the best SEO keyword list for our site. I was very pleased with the selection, and the price for each keyword was very reasonable. We are moving forward with the work, and I can’t wait to continue working on this project!
Fares E.
CEO, Vancouver General Contractors
WOW! I think we just made one of the best investments we have ever made. We hired SEO Gurus for strategic advice related to our SEO/PPC strategy. We were prepared to pay up to several thousand / month for such work and SEO Gurus was our top choice. We started off with a few hours of consulting and much to our surprise, this company recommended that we NOT DO IT!? I was insisting that we should spend this money (with them), and they persuaded me that SEO was not for us — at least for the short and likely intermediate term. We were prepared to waste a ton of money. SEO Gurus advised us that our best expenditures were in different marketing areas such as Affiliate Marketing and Social Media. We will continue working with SEO Gurus for consulting, strategy and implementation!
Paul Behrman
Founder, CEO www.skillbet.com
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